Math Word Problems Scavenger Hunt

Math word problems and a scavenger hunt! This is a different way to get kids interested in doing word problems. Whenever we look at the data from our testing, word problems are still the area our 2nd graders have difficulties with. We do a Pirate Unit at the end of the year.  During this unit I incorporate a math word problem scavenger hunt. There are 12 treasure chests that have several different types of math questions. There is addition, subtraction, multiplication, measurement, time, and money. They all focus on pirates.

math scavenger hunt
math scavenger hunt


These treasure chests are also in black and white and can be run on any color of tag. I laminate them and post them up and down our 2nd grade hall. They can be hid throughout the classroom or put anywhere throughout the building. I give each of the students a paper to show their work on. I have them go one at a time to answer the questions. I tell them they must show their work.

The students really enjoy working on the math word problems. When all of the students have completed the scavenger hunt we check them together. All of the 2nd graders in our school did them and they all had a great time.

math word problems math word problems







If you are interested in purchasing this Pirate Scavenger Hunt- Math Word Problems go by my store and check it out. I also have an Easter Egg Math Word Problem Scavenger Hunt that the kids also enjoy. I have a blog post about it. I hope you enjoy this activity.

math scavenger hunt


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Pirate Unit

Pirates are so much fun! At the end of the year my team always does a whole pirate unit. The kids have so much fun and don’t even realize they are doing work.  It lasts about two weeks and the kids write everyday. It’s amazing to see them grow in their writing.

We start the unit off by reading “How I Became a Priate” by Melinda Long. There is a packet that has with this story that I have used for several years. It is helpful to have when you have lots of end of the year testing that needs to be done and you need the other students doing something quitely.
There is also a sequal to this book called “Pirate Don’t Change Diapers”.


After reading these stories my kids make a map using a paper lunch bag. They cut the front out and draw a map on how to get to the treasure. After drawing the map the students crumple it and tear pieces off of it to make it look worn. Then they write directions on how to get to the treasure.

trasure map treasure map story

There are a lot of fun books to read about pirates. Here are a few of my favorites.


After reading the story “Roger the Jolly Pirate” we make our own Jolly Roger flags. Then the kids have to write about why they chose their design. “Pirates- Robbers of the High Seas” is a nonfiction book. The students make a web of all the facts that are true about pirates. You could also do a story map after reading one of these stories.  Below is one that I have created. Click on it to download it for free.

pirate story map

If you are interested in learning about some of the other writing ideas that can be done with pirates go by more teacherpayteacher store and check out my Pirate Writing Unit. pirate writing unit

I hope you have fun trying out some of these activities!

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