Five Things to do in the summer before school starts

It’s summertime! We made it through another school year. So now what should we do? Do you picture yourself sitting on the beach sipping a yummy drink? Let’s be honest, most of us don’t really do that. The beach is fun but, you usually leave burnt and sand in places you really don’t want to talk about. So let’s be realistic, what are you really going to do?

It's summer time and you are on vacation. There are some things that you can do to get prepared for the beginning of the school year.
I’m going to tell you five things you should do this summer before school starts.
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Relax- It’s important to do something not school related. Everybody’s idea relax is different. For some people it might be sitting in front of the TV binge watching shows on Netflix. For other’s it might be going to the gym. You need to get some kind of hobby. Maybe you and some friends should take a painting class. Maybe you should take your kids to park and let them play while you read a book. Find something that you enjoy and do it!

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Connect with other teachers It’s always fun to see what other teachers are doing around the world. There are so many Facebook groups that you can join to get some great ideas from other amazing teachers. If you teach 3rd grade there are many Facebook groups just for you. There are also groups for teachers in your state. There are several groups that I belong to for Texas teachers. Just search under groups and ask to join. Instagram is another great place to meet other teachers. Follow some of your favorites and see what they are doing over the summer.

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Professional development– It is so hard to do professional development during the school year so summer is the perfect time. If your district offers professional development make sure to sign up for some workshops that will help you with your teaching. I took a Guided Reading workshop and an RTI workshop this summer. I have a couple of other technology workshops planned for this summer. There are also some great books you can read. My favorites are Debbie Diller’s books. You can never go wrong with any of hers. Practice with Purpose is great.

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Design your classroom– This is a good time to design what you want your classroom to look like. Do you want to keep the same theme as last year? Maybe your bored with your theme but don’t want to spend a lot of money. I totally understand. Look on Pinterest to find some great ideas that you can incorporate in your room that won’t cost a lot. Summer is a great time to do some DIY decor for your classroom. Last year I changed up my classroom decor to the Texans and I love it. I had to make almost all of it myself because there isn’t  a lot of Texans decor for the classroom. It was fun to work on over the summer. Here are some of the items I made for my classroom. You can read more about it on my blog post here.

Texans classroom decor

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Reflect– This is a great time to think about what worked well last year and what bombed. I did a great job working with my lower students and teaching them comprehension strategies. I bombed at doing book clubs with my kids. I tried to really work on it but I just ran out of time meeting with them. I having been looking at other teacher’s blogs to see what they are doing and deciding what I need to change to make it work better next year. That’s what I like most about summer. It’s a time to reflect to see how you can grow as a teacher.

I hope you are able to do these 5 ideas. I really believe if you do these you will be better prepared for the new school year. Which idea will be easiest for you to do? Let me know in the comments below.



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End of the Year Activity-Mystery Person

It’s almost the end of the year! Yeah or maybe it’s UGH! This is a tough time of the year for teachers and kids. I think we are more ready for the end of the school year than they are.

End of Year Activity

One of my favorite books I like to read to my students is Last Day Blues by Julie Danneburg. I have read several of her books this year to my kids and they always enjoy them.

While I was looking for activities to do with this book I ran across Jordan’s blog, Life is Better Messy Anyway. She has a lot of fun ideas to go along with the book. One of the ideas I liked is the Mystery Person.

Mystery Person 

The Mystery Person activity is a template of 24 boxes that has a clue about each student in the classroom. I added some of the other teachers and staff members in the school that my kids had contact with. Give each student the template with the clues and see if they can guess who the mystery person is.

mystery person freebie_Page_1


I hope you like this activity. Good luck!


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The Last Day….

Today is the last day of school for teachers. It is bittersweet! On one hand  I am so excited about spending the summer with my daughter, but I am switching grade levels. I have been on my team for 8 years. The women I have taught with are some of the most amazing people I have ever met. They are more than just coworkers, they are my friends. They have been there for me during the great times, sad moments, and the really bad days. They are my family!

2nd grade team


The wonderful woman in the red has been on this team and at this school for 42 years. She is truly the cornerstone of our team and school.  I have gone to her for so many things, I should have to pay her for being my psychiatrist. She retired today.  I am truly going to miss her more than she will know. The young one in the purple (the baby of the team), is the most organized person I have ever met. She stays at the school until the custodians have to kick her out. The wonderful woman in the blue and white shirt has always given me flowers for my birthday. My own husband doesn’t even do that. The sweet woman in black is always so calm and doesn’t let things get to her. I have really learned a lot from her. The young girl in the blue is so sweet. I was her mentor teacher a couple of years ago. I still feel sorry for her. I was pregnant during that year and had to leave for several months. She turned out just fine.  There are so many teachers that want to come to 2nd grade. I believe it is because we are so awesome! HaHa.

I am excited about moving to 3rd grade. I am ready for a change but, I am very comfortable in 2nd grade. I know what to do and I am good at it. My team is amazing and we all mesh so well together.


Then I saw this graphic by Venspired. Well if that doesn’t make you think. I have been in my comfort zone for a while. I know if I want to grow I will have to get out of my comfort zone and put myself out there. I will always remember my wonderful time with these amazing women. They each have had a part making me the teacher I am today. Thanks 2nd grade!

So its off to 3rd grade I go to make new memories!


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