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I am linking up with the Teaching Tribune for Worksheet Wednesday.

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I am linking up a Nonfiction Text Book  Hunt. This is a quick and easy way to see if your students can identify the different types of text features. The students can use a book they have or any textbook such as a social studies or science book. My kids love doing the book hunt. You can use it with partners or as an assessment after teaching the text features.

text book huntThis is part of my Nonfiction Text Features Unit. You can check it out in my store.

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Make sure to go by The Teaching Tribune and check out all of the other wonderful bloggers. Have a great week!


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Gingerbread Man Writing

I love teaching using  Gingerbread Man stories. After I have taught my Gingerbread Man unit, I have the students write their own Gingerbread Man story. The Gingerbread Man writing activity is always one of the favorite activities that we do throughout the year.

I first make sure I read lots of Gingerbread Man stories and alternative versions. I try to read a couple of different stories a day. Below are some of my favorite versions.


There are also some alternate versions that I love reading to my kids that use other types of food. I love reading these to my students because it also teaches them about other cultures.


After I have read them lots of Gingerbread Man stories along with other variations, then I tell the students they will write their own story.  They first fill out a prewriting organizer to help them get started on the story. The student decides what the person will be made of, who he runs away from, his run-run saying, and what happens to the person in the end.

gingerbread writing and organizer_Page_3After the students have filled out the organizer, then they write a rough draft on notebook paper. I then have the students write the final copy on gingerbread man shaped paper. I give them as many sheets as they need to write the story. I also give the students a cover page where they can write the title and their name. When the kids are finished, they have their own Gingerbread Man story. Click on the Gingerbread Man cover to download a free copy of this activity.

gingerbread writing and organizer_Page_1

I hope your kids love it! Let me know what you think about this writing activity.

Classroom Freebies Manic Monday

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July Facebook Frenzy

Hope you are having a great weekend!

I have linked up with some great teachers to do a Facebook Hop. It is called “Facebook Frenzy”. Just go by my Facebook page and click on the Facebook Frenzy button to download a great summer freebie! Make sure to like my page to download the freebie. Click on next to continue going through the hop.

Make sure to go through the hop soon. You only have until the 22nd to get the free resources! There are over 30 teachers participating! Make sure to go by Creation Castle. She did a great job hosting this Facebook Frenzy!


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Great Freebies

Teaching Blog Addict is having a huge freebie celebration. Go by and check out all the great links for free lessons and activities.

Teaching Blog Addict - Ultimate Freebie
I have also listed a freebie on there. You can also download my freebie here. It is my Antonym Task Cards for Work Stations. Hope you enjoy it.

antonym task card

Have a great weekend!

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