Favorite Back to School Pins

I have had so much fun this summer linking up with Just Reed with her Ten Pin Summer Linky. Of course we had to end this linky with our favorite back to school pins! I still have a little over a month until school starts but I know many schools start very soon. So I hope you find some good ideas for back to school.

Ten Pin Linky back to school

1. Back to School Book Tasting:  This is a great way to see what kind of books kids want to read. They fill out a book tasting menu. I really want to do this! (I know I put this on another ten pin linky but, I really love it!)

book tasting Book Tasting 1st & 2nd grades by pickshel on Flickr

2. First Day of School Frame: This is a cute frame to use for the 1st day of school. My lovely, artistic vice principal has already made one of these for this year. I am so excited to use this!

1st day school

3. Back to School Beach Ball: This is a fun get-to-know you activity that gets kids talking. Throw the ball and have them answer the question that their thumb touches. This is a picture only. Sorry it’s link to the website doesn’t work anymore.


4. Playdough: Have the students make something with Playdough while you are taking care of putting up their supplies. They can write about what they made.


5. Back to School Printables: What a fun idea to have on your students’ desks or for your child going back to school.


6. Recipe for Success: Such a fun way to bring food into the classroom. I think the kids would always remember this. Scroll down to the bottom of the website to see this activity.


7. Parent Wish Jar: Such a unique way to get to know your students through their parents’ eyes.

parent wishes

8. Supply Wish List: Such a cute way to ask parents to donate items to your room.

parent night

9. Back to School Ideas: This website has a lot of back to school ideas. I love the cupcake idea!


10. Monster Theme: I can’t wait to start making some of these monster themed goodies for my room.

Love Teaching Kids Monster Theme

I hope you have found some new ideas for back to school. Make sure to go by Just Reed and check out the other Back to School Pins. May each of you have a great school year!


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Favorite Science and Social Studies Pins

I am having a great time linking up with the Just Reed  this summer with her Ten Pin Linky Party. I love Pinterest and have so many great ideas pinned! I just hope I can get to most of them one day.

This week I am listing  my ten favorite Science and Social Studies pins. I really enjoy teaching Science and I am so grateful that our district provides us with so many great resources. We no longer have textbooks for Science in elementary school  so I am always on the lookout for some fun and educational activities.

ten pin linky

1. Map Nesting Cans– I think this is such a great visual for kids to see where they live. My second graders still have problems understanding the difference between their city and state. This is an image only. The blog post no longer exists.

nesting canssource:

2. Water Cycle– I love this activity for teaching the water cycle. I hope to try it next year.

water cyclesource:

3. Water Cycle Bracelet– This is such a fun activity. My class has loved making these bracelets. This website also has a song to help teach the water cycle.

water cycle braceletsource:

4. Landforms Flipbook – I always enjoy teaching about landforms but, my students struggle learning them. This is one of the activities I do with them at the end to assess what they learned.


5. Discovery Bottle – This would be good to have in a Science workstation. The kids would have to explain why the pipe cleaners are attracted to the magnet.

discovery bottlesource:

6. Planets – I have always wanted to try this! I bet the kids would never forget how far the planets are away from the sun again.


7. Disney – Disney has a website with interactive whiteboard activities. For Science there is Bill Nye the Science Guy. There is also a Social Studies tab.

disney witeboardssource:

8. Growing Grass – This is an alternative to growing  lima beans in milk cartons or baggies.  Looks like fun!

growing grasssource:

9. Magnets – Here is a easy assessment that you can do with kids to see if they understand magnets. So much more fun than a worksheet!


10. Chinese New Year – I love teaching about Chinese New Year or as my kids call it Lunar New Year. I teach ESL and have several Vietnamese kids in my class. This is a huge holiday for their culture and I think it is so important for the other students in class to learn more about it. One of my favorite books, The Pet Dragon, teaches kids about Chinese characters. So much fun! I hope you don’t mind this is my product.

chinese new year






I hope you found some pins that will be helpful for your classroom! Make sure to stop by  Just Reed’s blog to check out some other great Science and Social Studies pins.


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Favorite Reading Pins

I am joining up with Just Reed  again for  another Ten Pin Linky. This week I am listing  my ten favorite reading pins on Pinterest. Reading is my favorite think to teach so I have a lot of pins that deal with reading. Hopefully I can narrow it down to ten.

ten pin linky reading


#1. Determining Importance – I have done this activity and love it. This idea comes from the book Comprehension Connections: Bridges to Strategic Reading. It helps kids learn to decide what is important in their reading.

determine importance

#2.  Sock Puppet  iPad App – I do not have an iPad in my room yet but I am trying to get one for next year. This app is used with readers theater. The kids record their own readers theater skit. So cool!

sock puppet app

#3.  Reading Fair – This is a really creative way of giving the summary of a book. It is like a science fair but with books. Kids make a board telling about their story.

reading fair

#4. Gingerbread Flow Maps – I love anything Gingerbread Man! This is such a fun way to sequence the story. The kids also put the main idea and supporting details on the bottom. This pin has some great ideas to use with many versions of the Gingerbread Man. Thi

gingerbread flow

#5.  Popcorn Words– This is a fun way to learn sight words. The teacher puts up a new sight word up daily and the kids say the word as they enter and exit the room. She said her class calls them “popcorn words” because they should “pop” in their brain.

popcorn words

#6. Venn diagram– Well we all have tried to make the venn diagram more interesting. Why didn’t I think of using paper plates? So simple yet profound. What kids wouldn’t want to write on paper plates?

venn diagram

#7. Officer Buckle– This is one of my favorite books to use at the beginning of the year. This blog gives so many ideas that you can do with this book.   She lists different reading skills and strategies that can be done with Officer Buckle and Gloria. The Picture Book Teacher’s Edition also has other great books on her blog that she does the same thing with.

officer buckle

#8. Poet Tree – I just found this pin and thought is was brilliant. I really struggle with teaching poetry. It is just such a tough concept to teach to 2nd graders. I think this will be a fun way to celebrate poetry.

poet tree

#9. Author’s Purpose – This has been one of my favorite pins. We use anchor charts a lot in my classroom. This was one of the first anchor charts I made for my class. We used it many times throughout the year. I had to add an extra E to PIE because our district added express but it still worked well. This is an image only.

Author's purpose

#10. Book Tasting– This is such an awesome idea! I can’t wait to try this at the beginning of the year. This is great for kids to go from table to table and look at the books and fill out a “book tasting menu”. I have already talked to our school librarian (who is a wonderful friend of mine) to do this with our school.

book tasting

I hope you find some new and fun ideas for reading! Go by  Just Reed to see some other reading pins. Which one of these do you think you would like to do? Let me know in the comments below.






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Favorite Math Pins

I am joining up with Just Reed for Ten Pin Linky on my favorite ten math pins on Pinterest. So let’s get started!

math pins ten pin linky#1. Add it Up – It’s like a math boggle. I think this is a great idea for kids that finish early. You could also be subtraction or multiplication. I really want to try this next year.

math boggle

#2. Math Station idea– This looks like a fun way to work on math facts during station time. I actually bought these cool ice-cube trays last year and they sat in my closet all year. 🙁  I am going to use them next year!


#3. Equivalent Sums– What do you do with all those left over plastic eggs? Match egg halves together to find equivalent sums.  What a great way to work on math facts. My class  always needs a lot of work on math facts.


#4. Pizza Fraction– This looks like a fun way to teach fractions. I think fractions are always difficult to teach and this activity would make it more interesting. The students would be able to see the relevancy of fractions with this lesson.


#5. Shape Monster – This would be a fun activity for younger kids. I know they would love to make their monsters. The pin states ” … make their “Shape Monster” then they had to write down how many of each shape they used to create their monster. Sentence Stem: “I used ______ circles.” They wrote a sentence for each different shape.”


#6. Greater Than – These alligators are so cute! I have been using alligators to teach greater than and less than for many years. I have a Powerpoint that I found many years ago online that has a story about “Greta and Lester” the alligators. It uses alligators to teach greater than and less than. This activity would go great with that lesson.

greater than

#7. Flip Ten– This would be a fun game to have in a math station. The pin states, “…Kids line up cards in four rows of five. Then, they flip two cards over. If the sum of the two cards equals 10, they keep the cards and replace the cards with two more from the deck. The game ends when there are no more matches left.” I would like to try this next year in my stations.

flip ten

#8. Debbie Diller– I love Debbie Diller. Especially her Math Stations book. I talk about her book in another blog post.  This pin has some great ideas on activities that can be done in math stations. Many of these activities come from Debbie Diller’s book. This pin also shows how to store math stations so it is easy for kids to use.


#9. Rounding Posters– These rounding posters are so cute. My kids seem to really struggle with rounding. They can never remember when to round up or down. These will be great to have posted in the classroom for them to use when needed.


#10. Scavenger Hunt – My favorite Pinterest pin is the math scavenger hunt. Ok I’m a little biased. It is a pin from my blog. My kids are so awesome that I had to put it on here. My class loves doing math scavenger hunts. They were so excited about doing math problems.

pirate math scavenger hunt

I hope you found some interesting pins that you could use!


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