Currently March

It’s March already! My how the time flies the older I get. I am linking up with Farly from Oh’ Boy 4th Grade for Currently March.

currently march

Listening: to the Oscars. Loving seeing all the lovely dresses.

Loving: my 3 year old daughter wanted to “read” the bedtime story to me tonight. It is a Bible Story Pop Up book. My husband asked how she knew the stories and I said we read it every night. It’s so crazy to see her growing up so quickly.

Thinking: of the great workshop I’m going to be at all week long. It is Conscious Discipline. I have been to several of them before but, this is going to be more intense; 7:30am to 5:30pm every day. So excited!

Wanting: this crazy weather to go away! We wore shorts this afternoon because it was in the 70’s. Now it is already in the 40’s. What is going on? Hoping everyone stays warm this week.

Needing: to clean my house. I’m just not sure when it’s going to happen?

??????: What do Rice, A&M, and U of H all have in common? try guessing in the comment section.

Have a great week!


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  1. Oh my! A week long workshop. Preparing for a sub is more work than preparing for yourself (I think)! And the weather- I had on shorts and a tank top this afternoon. Now I need a jacket!

    • Normally I would be freaking out about getting ready of a sub but, I am fortunate enough to have an intern this year. She has been teaching the class the pass 30 days so it was very simple to plan.

  2. Hi! I am now following you. My name is Jennifer too. I have been married to my husband for 18 years. I can’t imagine a week long workshop. I would love to go to a Conscious Discipline workshop though. I have no clue what they all have in common.

  3. My daughter is 11 months old. I can not wait for her to be old enough to read her own bedtime stories! That must’ve been so sweet! But in all honesty, I’m not even ready for her to one year old so… haha!
    I agree about the weather. Spring needs to get here and winter really needs to go away… far away!
    Miss Elementary

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