Teacher Appreciation Gifts

teacher gifts
Teacher Appreciation gifts

I received some great Teacher Appreciation gifts last week. I got some great gift cards, flowers, relaxing bag of soaps, and balloons. It was by far the best Teacher Appreciation week I have ever had. I had one parent that really made my week. I thought I would share what she did in case you needed some ideas.
Every day the mom sent a small item to school with her son. Below are the items that she sent. Monday she sent a box of Altoids  mints with the saying “You were Mint to teach”. Tuesday she sent a water bottle with a packet of flavored tea that said,  “Thanks for a TEA-RIFFIC school year”. Wednesday the parent sent a packet of Extra gum that said, “You are EXTRA special”. Thursday I received a bottle of A&W Root Beer that said, “my teacher is aw-esome”.

photo (2)









On Friday my student brought me this cute picture made of crayons along with this thank you card.

photo (1) photo


I have a really needy class this year but all of my parents have been so supportive. It was really nice for my parents to show their appreciation. Have you ever received a memorable gift?

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