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Back to School Finds

Back to school shopping already? I went to Target with a list of items I needed. I casually went into the dollar section, like I always do, and there they were! So I had to buy them. Right? If I waited too long then all the other teachers will snag them up. So here are some of the wonderful back to school finds I bought.

Teacher Tote

I found this cool teacher tote. When you put it together it is a small filing storage unit. I have file folders in it now from the workshops I have been to this summer. I think it will be a great tote to keep my sub plans and unit.

teacher tote

Storage Bins

I saw these and had to have them! I got them in 3 colors. These are great to put on the tables to store the students’ supplies. I put bins of books on the tables for the kids to read. I always have to buy more every year so, I thought I would try these out. They are only $1.

storage bins

Write on Cups

I found these and thought what can I do with these. I have a cup of highlighters at the turn in tray for kids to highlight their name before they turn in a paper. This would be a cute cup to use and I could write a little message on the cup. I also thought I could use these for sharpened and unsharpened pencils. I might use them in my math stations for supplies or manipulatives. I might need to go back and buy some more. They had several designs to pick from.


Classroom Prizes

I always need to stock up on classroom prizes. I love the cute erasers. My 3rd graders love the pop up pencils. I found Avengers for the boys and Disney Princess for the girls. My favorite find were the Dr. Seuss pens. They have regular pens and 10 color pens. I think I might need to keep some of these for myself.


Dr. Seuss

They had a whole section of Dr. Seuss dollar items. Bags, stickers, notepads, and whiteboards. I couldn’t pass up the whiteboards. They had some with writing lines for the  primary grades. Then they had these cute ones. I had to get them. They only had 5 so I bought all they had. As we were leaving I saw the employees were stocking up the bins. I really wanted to go back but, I stopped myself.

dr seuss

Needless to say I spent just a bit on $1 bin items. I really need to stay away from Target for a while but, I don’t won’t to miss anything!


I have one more find  that I want to tell you about. You must go to  Kohl’s and get the Kohl’s Cares books. I love them!  They have Litter Critter books and several of them were fairy tales. I bought all 3 fairy tales. Where else can you get a pop up hardback book for $5 and, it’s for charity. The stuffed animals are just too adorable also. I do not have any room in my house or classroom for anymore stuffed animals.

My daughter is loving these books. I have had to read them over and over to her. They really are great versions of the fairy tales. The print is large and the readability is enough for younger children.

kohls books      red riding hood

Have you found any back to school buys yet? Leave a comment below and let me know.


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