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Bouncy Bands in the classroom

Have you ever had students in your classroom that just can’t sit still?

So you put them in the back of the classroom so they can stand up to do their work. Then they begin to push their desk or chair around. Now they are being noisy for the other students and no one is focused on their work.

So what can we do to help our kids? What can we do to get them focused on their work.

I have been trying to figure this out for many years now.

Bouncy Bands in the Classroom

I recently received some bouncy bands for my classroom. I got one for a chair and one for a desk.











The bands have definitely been helpful. I have some very active boys that really need something to do while they are working. They are now able to sit and work quietly.

How the Bouncy Bands Work

First, you need to put the bands on the desk or chair. They slide on easily on the desk legs and slide on to the pipe supports. Now the bands stay in place and will not slide down the legs.

Next, make sure to teach the students how to use the bands. Explain to them your expectations. I told my students they are only to put their feet on them.


The Problems With Bouncy Bands in the Classroom

The problem I am having with the bands in my class is that every one of my kids wants one on their chair. I only have one chair and one desk with a band now.

They are a little pricey but, they are definitely helpful for kids that need that bit of extra help. The great thing is there are ways to get money for bouncy bands. Donors Choose is a great way to get Bouncy Bands for the classroom. If you are interested in using Donors Choose to get bouncy bands for your class check out this video.


So if this is something you would like to try in your classroom you should definitely try Bouncy Bands in your classroom.

Talk to you soon!

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