Industrial Classroom Theme

classroom design
industrial classrom decor

Are you looking for something new and different for your classroom theme? How about and Industrial Classroom Theme. I have some easy and inexpensive ways you can transform your classroom into the Industrial Chic room you have always wanted. Lets Go Shopping We all love shopping but when we are shopping for our classroom it can easily get out of control. I’m going to share some items I found that won’t make it too difficult to redo your Industrial themed…

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Strategies for Teachers to Deal with Self Doubt


Now, let’s go over some important strategies for teachers to deal with self-doubt when it happens. As teachers, we deal with self doubt daily. Be assured that even the most successful teacher works to overcome self-doubt at times. Feeling self-doubt is not the problem. Letting self-doubt control you, make your decisions for you, and rule your life is the problem. Teachers Dealing with Self Doubt You’re Not Alone – Everyone experiences self-doubt and whether you have friends, family, or anyone…

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Reading Review Activities

get a free readers response cards

Ok, trying to make reading review fun is no joke. The kids don’t like it and neither do the teachers. Help! How can we make fun reading review activities for our class?   Fun Reading Review Activities I’m going to share with you 5 activities you can do to make reading review a little less painful. Response Cards Give each child a copy of the response cards cut up with the answer choices A,B,C,D & F,G,H,J (you can download them…

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Halloween Read Alouds

Favorite Books
Halloween read alouds

I just love Halloween! The candy, the decorations, the scary movies, and especially the trick-or-treating.  So this picture was taken in 1978. Back in the day when all Halloween costumes were homemade. I was five years old and I am the “woman” with the big…hair! I am with my little brother, the hobo, and my cousin,  Raggedy Andy. Such awesome memories. Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays and trick-or-treating with my family is one of the reasons…

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Pineapple Classroom Theme

classroom design
Pineapple Classroom Theme

Everybody is in love with the Pineapple decor these days. Everywhere we shop you see pineapples. How about bringing that Pineapple theme into your classroom? I’m going to share with you some ways you can have a Pineapple Themed Classroom. 1. Pineapple Classroom Theme decor We all need a calendar, number line, alphabet chart, schedule cards, and more for our classroom. If you are doing a certain theme, you definitley want them to match your theme. I have created this…

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Test Prep Reading Stations

Test Prep Reading stations

It’s time for test prep and you are tired of the same boring day-to-day schedule. The kids get burned out and nobody wants to do one more assessment. What is a teacher to do? One way to change-up your schedule is to have some test prep reading stations. I know this sounds too simple but this has definitely been a huge game changer for my classroom. This year my team also tried it with their kids and they also saw the…

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Celebrating Chinese New Year in the Classroom

Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is a fun way to celebrate diversity in the classroom. There are some many great books and activities that you can do with your kids. This is one of my favorite holidays to teach my students about. I am fortunate enough to have grown up with many Vietnamese friends. I also teach in the same community and have had many Vietnamese students throughout the years. In the Vietnamese culture the celebration is called Lunar New Year. Some…

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Bouncy Bands in the classroom

classroom environment

Have you ever had students in your classroom that just can’t sit still? So you put them in the back of the classroom so they can stand up to do their work. Then they begin to push their desk or chair around. Now they are being noisy for the other students and no one is focused on their work. So what can we do to help our kids? What can we do to get them focused on their work. I…

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Back to School with Hurricane Harvey

back to school

Coming back to school this year was as normal as any other year could be. I had my room decorated and ready to go with all my students’ names on their desks. I had the first day packets hot off the copier. My Texan’s classroom was ready to go! We started on Monday, August 21st. Of course we didn’t get much done the first day because of the solar eclipse. Who’s idea was it to start the first day of…

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Using Binders in the Classroom

classroom DIY
binders in the classroom

I LOVE using binders in the classroom. They are such a great way to stay organized. Binders in the Classroom Every year I setup my students’ binders at the beginning of the year. I teach them how to use them and stay organized all year long. They use them to take home with their homework. Here are 7 ways you can use binders in your classroom. I love the last way! Make sure to check it out. It even has…

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