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Tag: fun activities

digital escape rooms

Digital Escape Rooms for the Classroom

What is a digital escape room, and why do I need it in my classroom? Digital escape rooms are fun, online games that kids can do in the classroom with a group of students. They solve puzzles to get a code to unlock secret locks.  How to Use Digital Escape

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favorite february picture books

Favorite February Picture Books

I want to share with you some of my favorite February picture books to teach in the upcoming weeks of school. You click on the picture of the book to learn more about them. Chinese/Lunar New Year Sam and the Lucky Money– This is one I read to my kids every

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Secret Picture Tile Puzzles

Are you looking for a way to make teaching reading more interactive? Secret picture tile puzzles are what you are looking for. These are fun and interactive for kids. What are Secret Picture Tile Puzzles Secret picture tiles are a puzzle. Half of the page has 12 questions. The other half

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Boom Cards

What are Boom Cards and Why Use Them?

Are you kids tired of doing boring task cards? Why not try Boom Cards. I know you are asking what are Boom Cards and why use them? What are Boom Cards In a nutshell, Boom Cards are digital task cards. They are not just task cards on paper and put

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get a free readers response cards

Reading Review Activities

Ok, trying to make reading review fun is no joke. The kids don’t like it and neither do the teachers. Help! How can we make fun reading review activities for our class? Fun Reading Review Activities I’m going to share with you 5 activities you can do to make reading

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Halloween read alouds

Halloween Read Alouds

I just love Halloween! The candy, the decorations, the scary movies, and especially the trick-or-treating.  So this picture was taken in 1978. Back in the day when all Halloween costumes were homemade. I was five years old and I am the “woman” with the big…hair! I am with my little

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Test Prep Reading stations

Easy & Engaging Test Prep Reading Stations

It’s time for test prep and you are tired of the same boring day-to-day schedule. The kids get burned out and nobody wants to do one more assessment. What is a teacher to do? One way to change-up your schedule is to have some test prep reading stations. I know this

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Celebrating Chinese New Year in the Classroom

Chinese New Year is a fun way to celebrate diversity in the classroom. There are some many great books and activities that you can do with your kids. This is one of my favorite holidays to teach my students about. I am fortunate enough to have grown up with many

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5 fun test prep ideas

Fun Test Prep- 5 Easy Ideas

Fun test prep that is rigorous can sometimes be difficult to find. Is this the way your students look at you when you start your test review? OH NO! This is not what you want to deal with for the next several weeks of reviewing for the state test. I want to

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camp write along

Camp Write Along

It’s that time of the year! Writing test time. Ugh! In Texas the 4th graders have to take the Writing STAAR test. So now it is time to start reviewing for the test. One of the traditions at our school is Camp Write Along. The kids that have been at

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Plan a Christmas Vacation in Orlando

Plan a Christmas Vacation- Math Project

It’s Christmas time and you still need to teach the math standards but your students aren’t focused on learning. All they can think about are the presents they want for the holidays.  What can you do to keep your students engaged with math? Let them plan their Christmas Vacation! Math

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