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teaching plot

Teaching Plot With Picture Books Made Easy

Every one of us knows the magical feeling of getting lost in a good book. The thrills of an unfolding story, the anticipation of what’s to come – all woven together in a well-crafted plot. I can’t stress enough how important it is for our kids to grasp the concept

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guided reading lesson plan

Guided Reading Lesson Plan for Upper Elementary

Do you need help with knowing what to do with your fluent readers in small groups? I know I struggled for many years with what to do with these kids. They are good readers and do well with decoding strategies, but they still need help with comprehension skills. I’m going

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strategies for teaching vocabulary

Strategies for Teaching Vocabulary

Do you struggle with teaching vocabulary to your kids? We are always looking into new strategies for teaching vocabulary skills to our students. Kids struggling with vocabulary seems to be an ongoing problem. Vocabulary isn’t a lesson you teach only once, but it is something you spiral throughout the year.

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Reading Review Activities

Ok, trying to make reading review fun is no joke. The kids don’t like it and neither do the teachers. Help! How can we make fun reading review activities for our class? Fun Reading Review Activities I’m going to share with you 5 activities you can do to make reading

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guided reading fluent readers

Guided Reading- What do I do with fluent readers?

Guided reading has been around for over 15 years. One of my graduate classes was on Fountas and Pinnell Guided Reading. It worked great in the younger grades for teaching small group. I used it with my 1st graders for a couple of years and started using it in 2nd grade.  It was

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Organization of Literacy Block: Workstations

Welcome to another week of  the “Digging Into Next Year”  Linky Party hosted by Laura at Where the Magic Happens. Organization of Literacy Block- Workstations I am going to focus on the workstation part of the Literacy block. I really had to change the way I organized my workstations this year. I had taught 2nd grade

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motivating kids to read

Motivating Students to Read

What motivates elementary students to read? That is the million dollar question. What can we do as educators to encourage the love of reading to our students? Show them how much we love to read and how much fun it can be! This is a picture of an amazing principal

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