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Vocabulary Activities for Reading Stations

Are you looking for fun vocabulary activities for your reading stations? I have the ultimate guide for making vocabulary fun and keeping your kids engaged during reading stations. 

Task Cards

Everybody has task cards for reading stations. The kids can sometimes get bored with them. There are several ways you can make them more interactive. 

Use an old game board with the task cards. When the kids get it right they roll a die and move that many spaces on the board. The first kid to get to the end wins. 

task cards game board

Another idea is to try to make your vocabulary activities like a carnival game. You can make up some of your own or buy some carnival games at the store. They even have games at the dollar stores. Any game the kids have to get up and move is great. Be creative. Here are a couple of ideas I have done before for vocabulary activities for reading stations. 

  • Duckpond- Let them pull the duck and whatever number is on the bottom is the task card they do. 
  • Inflatable Tic Tac Toe- when the student gets it right they get to put down an X or O.
  • Pencil in a Haystack- put yellow pencils with numbers on them in shredded yellow construction paper. They find a pencil and that is the number of the task they do. 
vocabulary task cards


Games are always a huge hit in my classroom. They are great to use for vocabulary activities in your reading stations. 

  • Lakeshore– Lakeshore has a multitude of folder games and board games that kids can do for vocabulary activities during reading stations. They also have fun online games too. 
  • Headbanz– You can buy the game or just make your own. My kids love this game. Make a headband with construction paper and put words on index cards. A kid puts the vocabulary card on their head and the other kids give them clues to what the word is. 
  • Banana Gram This is such a fun word-making game. It is a lot like Scrabble except they are only using their own grid. The first kid to use all their letters is the winner. 
  • Vocabulary Roll the Die– There are so many variations on the game. Just type it in Google and so many will come up. They pretty much are all the same. You have a stack of vocabulary words. The students roll a die and depending on what number it lands on they have to do what it says. For example, if they roll a 1 then they have to use the word in a sentence.

I have some free antonym task cards you can download to use with your kids. Just click on the picture below to get them.

I hope you were able to find some fun ways to make your vocabulary activities fun for your kids. If you are interested in learning more about how to teach vocabulary in whole group you can check out my blog post here

I also love using Digital Escape Rooms in my workstations. I have a fun context clue digital escape room that your kids will love. Check it out here.

vocabulary activities for reading stations

Let me know in the comments how do you make vocabulary fun for your kids.

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