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teaching plot

Teaching Plot With Picture Books Made Easy

Every one of us knows the magical feeling of getting lost in a good book. The thrills of an unfolding story, the anticipation of what’s to come – all woven together in a well-crafted plot. I can’t stress enough how important it is for our kids to grasp the concept

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digital escape rooms

Digital Escape Rooms for the Classroom

What is a digital escape room, and why do I need it in my classroom? Digital escape rooms are fun, online games that kids can do in the classroom with a group of students. They solve puzzles to get a code to unlock secret locks.  How to Use Digital Escape

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favorite february picture books

Favorite February Picture Books

I want to share with you some of my favorite February picture books to teach in the upcoming weeks of school. You click on the picture of the book to learn more about them. Chinese/Lunar New Year Sam and the Lucky Money– This is one I read to my kids every

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guided reading lesson plan

Guided Reading Lesson Plan for Upper Elementary

Do you need help with knowing what to do with your fluent readers in small groups? I know I struggled for many years with what to do with these kids. They are good readers and do well with decoding strategies, but they still need help with comprehension skills. I’m going

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