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Reading Review Activities

Ok, trying to make reading review fun is no joke. The kids don’t like it and neither do the teachers. Help! How can we make fun reading review activities for our class?

Fun Reading Review Activities

I’m going to share with you 5 activities you can do to make reading review a little less painful.

Response Cards

Give each child a copy of the response cards cut up with the answer choices A,B,C,D & F,G,H,J (you can download them below). Next you are going to give the kids a passage or project the passage on the computer for the class. After the students read the passage, have them answer the first question. Then have the students hold their responds cards up to show the correct answer. This is a quick way to see which kids got the question right and which ones still need some help.

They can also play a slap game using these cards. While the students are at their desk, you while say SLAP and they will slap the correct response card on their desk. This was always one of my students’ favorite games.

reading response card freebies

Forehead Game

Many kids have played some variation of the headband or forehead game. After you read a question the kids can answer using a response card they attach to their headband. (you can download the cards below)

reading review activities

You can make your own headbands by using construction paper. Follow the steps below.

  1. Cut one long strip of construction paper.
  2. Wrap the strip around the kid’s head.
  3. Staple in the back where the pieces overlap.
  4. Put a paperclip in the front to hold card.

 Four Corners

This is one of my favorite reading review activities! It gets the kids up and moving.  First, put up signs (you can download them below) in 4 corners of the classroom. If you don’t have 4 corners in your room, just put them on 4 different walls or desks. After you read the question, the students will go to the corner of the room that they believe is the correct answer. The students that are standing at the correct answer will have to explain why they choose that answer.

four corners reading review activity

Jenga Game

This is also a fun review that can be played with partners. Students take turns answering questions. If they get the question correct and can prove it, they get to move a Jenga piece. The kids really enjoy this game.

four corners reading review activity

Jeopardy Review

With this review you put passages and questions in a Powerpoint. The students pick a point amount and answer that question. They can work in teams and compete against each other. I have made this for nonfiction, fiction, poetry, and a combination of all reading standards. They are a fun and easy way to review all the standards we have learned throughout the year. If you are interested check them out in my TPT STORE.four corners reading review activity

I hope you found some new fun reading review activities. If you would like a copy of all the response cards just click on the picture below to download them.

reading review cards
If you are interested in other test prep ideas check out my other blog post HERE about how to make test prep reading stations.

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