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Creative Teacher Craft Giveaway

I have joined again with some really creative bloggers to do a fun crafty teacher blog hop! Melissa over at Teacher Treasure Hunter came us with the great creative teacher craft giveaway. 

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Dr Seuss Magnets

I love looking on Pinterest for fun crafts. The craft that I made for my classroom and for the giveaway was inspired by a pin I found. These Dr. Seuss magnets are what you get to win in the giveaway. These were so easy to make. So if you don’t win you can make them yourself by following the directions below.

dr seuss magnetsSupplies Needed 

supplies for Dr. Seuss magnetsPick your favorite children’s book that you would like to use. Make sure some of the pictures are small enough to put under the glass marbles. You will also need Mod Podge, a brush, magnets, and glass gems. I bought all of these supplies at Michael’s. You can get the glass gems at a dollar store also. They are near the vases. You will also need a glue gun.


dr seuss magnet craft   Dr. Seuss

First, find a picture out of the book and cut it out. I cut out a little extra so I had plenty of room to fit it on the gem. It was a little difficult to cut up such a beloved book but, it was an old book. I have another one that is newer. You can look around at resale shops for really inexpensive books. Second, you will place the gem on top of picture and cut off the excess.

dr suess magnet makingThen you will brush the Mod Podge on the back of the picture and stick the picture to the flat side of the glass gem. Next brush the Mod Podge on the back on the gem to make sure the picture stays in place.  Set them aside to dry for a while. I let them dry overnight. My daughter had to make her own magnets. She loves using the Mod Podge.

magnet Dr. SeussLastly, You will put a dot of glue from the glue gun on the back of the magnet and then push the gem on top of the magnet. Let it dry for a minute and they are done.

dr seuss magnets

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