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Poetry Tests – Reading Comprehension Assessments



Poetry comprehension is so difficult for students. These reading comprehension poetry tests will help your kids get ready for any poetry assessment.

This pack was made for test prep for the STAAR test, the Texas state test, but it can be used with any state assessment. These poems can be used for modeling, test prep, or assessment.

These poetry tests are for 3rd, 4th, or 5th graders. 


There are 3 public domain poems with comprehension questions.

*My Shadow by Robert Louis Stevenson

*The Story of Fidgety Phillip by Heinrich Hoffman

*Friends by Abbie Farwell Brown

Each poem has 6-7 questions written in the same format as the STAAR test. The TEKS for each question is listed on the answer key.

Standards covered include:

  • Characteristics of poetry
  • Inferences about text
  • Summarize information
  • Vocabulary
  • Beginning reading strategies
  • Sensory language

This is part of  my Poetry Comprehension Bundle

I hope you enjoy this unit!


Jennifer Dowell


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poetry tests

Poetry Tests – Reading Comprehension Assessments