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Emergency Sub Plans – Dex the Heart of a Hero Activities



Make sure you are ready for an emergency sub day with these easy, no-prep sub plans! These Dex the Heart of Hero substitute plans are ready to print and go in case of any emergency for your kids. Add them to your sub tub and they are easy for a sub to understand and fun for the kids.

These substitute lesson plans are used with the story “Dex the Heart of a Hero” by Caralyn Buehner. These activities can be copied and put in a folder for a substitute or added to Google Classroom to use for the whole day. There are eight activities to last through the day while still doing your daily activities.

This can also be used by a teacher as a mini-unit that can be done over several days.

For 2nd, 3rd, or 4th graders.

Sub Plans Features:

  • Vocabulary review lesson- review difficult vocabulary words
  • Sequencing activity- put the story in order with sequencing strips
  • Character traits map- list character traits of Dex
  • Writing Activity
  • Noun and verb sort
  • Place value lesson with place value blocks
  • Place value puzzle matching expanded and written word form
  • Design a cape activity
  • Word search

Click on the preview to see an example of each.

These sub plans are part of a bundle:

Emergency Sub Tub-5 Days of Sub Plans

I hope you enjoy this unit!


Jennifer Dowell


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Emergency Sub Plans – Dex the Heart of a Hero Activities