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Hollywood Themed Classroom

I have had a Hollywood themed classroom for the past three years. I wanted to share with you some of the decorations I had in my room. The schedule that I used in my room were Hollywood signs with the subjects written on them. I bought these at Teacher’s Clubhouse. I  have used a lot of her materials in my classroom.

classroom schedule

Another section of my room is the workstation area. I have my reading and math workstations listed with the students’ names next to them. The workstation cards and workstation signs (they are at each workstation) were bought from Teacher’s Clubhouse also. The cute headings were purchased by ThistleGirl Designs. I have used so many of her designs throughout my classroom. The other picture shows my students  award-winning work that they post on the doors.

work stationsstudents work

I have also made a “Wall of Fame” to list my star student of the week and the previous star students are below. I also made a birthday chart keeping with the Hollywood theme. All of these graphics were purchased by  Teacher’s Clubhouse and ThistleGirl Designs.

wall of fame birthday sign

Another one of my kids favorite areas was the classroom library. I made a bulletin board where the students would write on a piece of popcorn their favorite book. I had all of my bulletin boards (chalk board also) covered in yellow paper with popcorn border.

bulletin boardclassroom library

These are a few of the Hollywood designs I had in my room. I used to have stars hanging from the ceiling and other designs on the wall. Unfortunately the Fire Marshall came in last year and made us get rid of all of that. But that’s ok, it just gave me more room to hang my anchor charts!

Since I am changing grades next year, I had to change rooms also. So I decided to change themes too. I will post more on that later.

I hope you found some new ideas that you can use in your classroom!



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