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The Last Day….

Today is the last day of school for teachers. It is bittersweet! On one hand  I am so excited about spending the summer with my daughter, but I am switching grade levels. I have been on my team for 8 years. The women I have taught with are some of the most amazing people I have ever met. They are more than just coworkers, they are my friends. They have been there for me during the great times, sad moments, and the really bad days. They are my family!

2nd grade team


The wonderful woman in the red has been on this team and at this school for 42 years. She is truly the cornerstone of our team and school.  I have gone to her for so many things, I should have to pay her for being my psychiatrist. She retired today.  I am truly going to miss her more than she will know. The young one in the purple (the baby of the team), is the most organized person I have ever met. She stays at the school until the custodians have to kick her out. The wonderful woman in the blue and white shirt has always given me flowers for my birthday. My own husband doesn’t even do that. The sweet woman in black is always so calm and doesn’t let things get to her. I have really learned a lot from her. The young girl in the blue is so sweet. I was her mentor teacher a couple of years ago. I still feel sorry for her. I was pregnant during that year and had to leave for several months. She turned out just fine.  There are so many teachers that want to come to 2nd grade. I believe it is because we are so awesome! HaHa.

I am excited about moving to 3rd grade. I am ready for a change but, I am very comfortable in 2nd grade. I know what to do and I am good at it. My team is amazing and we all mesh so well together.


Then I saw this graphic by Venspired. Well if that doesn’t make you think. I have been in my comfort zone for a while. I know if I want to grow I will have to get out of my comfort zone and put myself out there. I will always remember my wonderful time with these amazing women. They each have had a part making me the teacher I am today. Thanks 2nd grade!

So its off to 3rd grade I go to make new memories!


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