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Math Word Problems Scavenger Hunt

Math word problems and a scavenger hunt! A fun way to get kids doing math word problems. Let’s look at how this math word problems scavenger hunt works.

Word Problems

Whenever we look at the data from our testing, word problems are still the area our 2nd graders have difficulties with. I think that’s true for most kids. Doing practice worksheets over and over are boring for the kids. So I tried to find a better way to practice word problems with my students.

Scavenger Hunt

We do a Pirate Unit at the end of the year.  During this unit I incorporate a math word problems scavenger hunt. There are 12 treasure chests that have several different types of math questions. There is addition, subtraction, multiplication, measurement, time, and money. They all focus on pirates.

math scavenger hunt

How the Word Problems Scavenger Hunt Works

I laminate the task cards and post them up and down our 2nd grade hall. They can be hid throughout the classroom or put anywhere throughout the building. Each student is given paper to show their work on. They go one at a time to answer the questions. I tell them they must show their work.

The students really enjoy working on the math word problems scavenger hunt. When all of the students have completed the scavenger hunt we check them together. All of the 2nd graders in our school did them and they all had a great time. If you have students that struggle, you can always put them with a buddy to do the task cards. The scavenger hunt can be done with partners also. I have done this both ways, and it works out fine.

math word problems scavenger hunt

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