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What are Boom Cards and Why Use Them?

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Boom Cards

Are you kids tired of doing boring task cards? Why not try Boom Cards. I know you are asking what are they and why use them? What are Boom Cards In a nutshell, Boom Cards are digital task cards. They are not just task cards on paper and put online. They are interactive and self-checking. So, if a child gets the answer correct then it dings and circles the answer in green. If they get it incorrect it circles it…

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5 Creative Ways to Use Task Cards in the Classroom

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Task Cards are a great way to review concepts in your classroom. There are so many ways you can use task cards other than putting them in a work stations.  I want to share with you 5 creative ways you can use task cards in your room that your students are going to love. #1. Use them as a scavenger hunt This is one of my favorite way to use task cards. You can put them up in the halls or in…

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