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Classroom Organization- Diggin’ Into Next Year

Classroom Organization is the first topic in the Diggin’ series.  I am joining Laura at Where the Magic Happens with a summer long linky party called “Diggin’ Into Next Year”.
I am really excited to share with you what I am doing in my classroom this year and what I plan on doing next year. I can’t wait to get some great ideas from some other great bloggers also.

introductionslideOrganize my classroom

I am a very organized person. I have always been that way and I feel uneasy when my students are unorganized.  I really try hard to help my students become organized in their daily routines. One of the ways that I help my students stay organized is with a daily schedule. Our schedule seems to change daily with specials, music, gym, etc. This has really been helpful for those students that need a routine and need to now what is going to be happening throughout the day.

I also have a central location where students turn in their work in a tray. The students have a highlighter next to the tray for highlighting their name before turning in their paper. This has put a stop to papers without a name. This has been a huge timesaver for me. I also have “How am I getting home” hanger to show how each students go home that day. There is a paperclip with the student’s name so they are able to move it if needed.  You can check out what my classroom looked like this year by clicking here.

photo (10) photo (9)

changesandwhyAbsent Students

Ugh!! This has been the thorn in my side all year long. I have had so many students miss days this year and they don’t finish their work. Usually I have just left any makeup work on the student’s desk and it gets finished the next day. I don’t really know what went wrong this year but, the makeup work seemed to get lost or stuffed in the student’s desk. I would then have to go hunting for the activities and waste a lot of time trying to get the student to complete the work. Next year I want to try an absent student crate. If the student is absent, they will go to crate and pick up the work from that day. I will also have a absent student helper to explain what needs to be done. I hoping this saves me a lot of headache.

absentpicture from

slide3thingsthatstaythesameClassroom Jobs

I will still be using classroom jobs the same because I believe it important for everybody to have a responsibility in the classroom. I rotate the jobs every Monday. If a student doesn’t like a job, they have a chance at a different job the next week. We use Conscious Discipline at our school and classroom jobs is one of the components that all of our teachers are supposed to be doing. I bought the classroom job organizer many years ago and still use many of the same jobs each year. You can check out the School Family jobs here.

IMG_2560I am really looking forward to next year and the new challenges that await me. Hopefully my absent student crate and classroom jobs will help to keep my students more organized.


If you are interested in the schedule cards I use in my classroom, check them out in my TPT store.

schedule cards monsters_Page_03

Here is a list of bloggers that will be participating throughout the summer in the Linky Party. Below is a calendar of the topics we will be discussing in June.
June Calendar
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